What is Havening?

The Havening Techniques ® are a set of break-through psycho-sensory Mind-Body techniques that use the sensory input of touch, imagination and attention to create rapid, remarkable and lasting results by changing the electrical chemical landscape of the brain. It has been discovered that using the Havening Techniques is very soothing for both the brain and body.

The history of Havening

Discovered and developed by the Ruden brothers, it is based on the latest neuroscience theory on human touch and how it changes the brain and the body. Since their discovery in 2009, the total amount of techniques has increased and their scope of application has widened too. Taught since 2014, the Havening Techniques are still for the most unkown to the general public, and yet they are now used all over the world by a growing number of professionals within the fields of coaching, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, teaching, and in the health sector. Each profession uses the Havening Techniques within their legal scope of practice, as yet another tool in their overal tool kit.

There are currently several on-going clinical research studies aiming at documenting the effect of the Havening Techniques on different types of issues, and especially on how it contributes to increase a person’s total resilience.

How Havening is thaught

The Havening Techniques are taught to professional working with others, in 4 half-days online trainings followed by a certification process. The training consists of 16 hours of effective training, both theoretical and practical with group interactive practice sessions. You will discover how to use the Havening Techniques on a wide range of issues from developing emotional resiliency and increasing wellbeing to dissolving strong blocks holding your clients back from their objectives.

Your clients will love Havening. The combination of safely applied touch (The Havening Touch), the highly effective process intervention and the solid neuroscience fundaments can really contribute to magnify resources and minimize hinders towards your client’s well-being and results.

Some of the things havening can do

Remove inner blocks to goal achievement.

Enhance performance in sports, business and the creative and performing arts.

Build real-time resilience.

Reduce the impact of chronic negative stress.

Reduce emotional reactivity while broadening and building capacity to respond and adapt to challenge and change.

Relieve present-moment emotional discomfort.

Reduce the emotional components of chronic pain due to no physical cause.

Self-Havening is taught to the general public

Stress is very predominant these days in our modern societies. It is right now worsened by the pressure on all arenas of everyday life created by the current pandemic situation.

The Self-Havening Technique for everyday stress control & for developing resiliency is taught to the general public. Workshops and seminars aim at explaining in simple words the neurobiology of human touch and how it changes the brain and body. Participants learn how to apply the Self-Havening touch to oneself in order to reduce the impact of and better cope with everyday small stressors and worries, hence enhancing one’s self regulation abilities in the face of everyday stressors.