Hi, I’m Florence Aasen

I am an educator who:

  • Graduated from University of Southern California, MBA 1989, Commencement Speaker. Graduated from ESCLyon Graduate Business school in France in 1988.
  • Has enjoyed a twenty years long successful career in strategic marketing and project management in international corporations over two continents.
  • Currently teaches business in the Norwegian high school system.
  • Is a certified Neuro-semantic Meta-Coach, certified NLP Master Practitioner, certified Neo-Ericksonian Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner and Trainer.
  • In my coaching work, my typical client is a student looking for proven strategies and techniques to succeed with their studies and handle examen stress.
  • As of 2021, I am holding workshops in resilience techniques for the general public and certifying trainings for qualified professionals in the Havening Techniques in English, Norwegian and French.

Welcome to a fun, enriching, low-key, warm, educative and transformative experience together packed with knowledge and laughter!

As of 2021, I am holding workshops in different languages for the general public in various resilience techniques. I also train professionals within the fields of coaching, therapy, teaching, social work and health sector in The Havening Techniques, a set of techniques based on neuro-science that prove very interesting in both reducing stress and increasing resilience. They blend beautifully in oneโ€™s tool kits and scope of expertise.

Seminars are mostly online in 2021 and the learning is just as effective and great!